Imagine your child went missing. What would you do?

Your entire community would drop everything to search for them. They’d make national news headlines – there would be flyers, online campaigns at the very least. What if 14 children went missing from your town. Now imagine 14 children going missing from EVERY town in Ireland. That’s 10,000 children in total. It seems unimaginable, doesn’t it?

Yet this is happening to refugee children in Europe right now. 10,000 Children are Missing.

They have the same rights as European children, yet cases of missing refugee children are not being treated with the urgency and seriousness of other missing children.

Why should this situation be any different? This is ethically indefensible and an astonishing breach of human rights. 

We are demanding that The Justice and Home Affairs Council, who are meeting in October to discuss the migrant crisis address the crisis of the 10,000 missing children in Europe with the utmost care, attention and diligence. This is a Pan European issue, that requires each country to do their part in conjunction with other EU member states. The Justice and Home Affairs council has that responsibility.

We cannot stand by and do nothing. We cannot allow this to continue. SIGN HERE