We are Bray Refugee Solidarity. We are a small grassroots organisation dedicated to showing solidarity to the refugees seeking safety in Europe in whatever way we can.

Our primary focus is the alarming number of unaccompanied and separated refugee children (UASC) who have been reported missing over the last two years since arriving in Europe. We are ordinary people who don’t want to stand by while this is happening.

We have spent the last four months (since April 2016) researching this particular crisis and collecting reports from experts in the field. From their work we have drafted a set of demands that we are petitioning to be implemented.

We do not claim to know the answers to this problem, rather we are trying to build mass attention, awareness and pressure to implement the existing recommendations made by various experts.

We are focusing our attention on the Justice and Home Affairs Council (made up of the Ministers of Justice from each EU Member State) as they are responsible for responding to this crisis. We believe that by giving this council a strong mandate from the citizens of Europe (in the form of our open letter and petition demands) that we can ensure real and positive actions are taken to counteract this atrocity.